If you are weary, this is for YOU.

God is our strength

Have you ever been so weary you just couldn’t take another step? I know I have. And if you’re like me, those moments that feel so utterly defeating are often the catalyst for exposing an ugly truth: I have been been relying on something to sustain me that wasn’t the only One who could sustain me.

I was praying through this the other day and realizing it is not enough to pray that God would establish our steps. We need to ask Him to sustain our every step, after He shows us where to go. Are we following His lead, only to depend on something else to get us where He wants to take us?

This could play out in a billion different ways for each of us, and I know for me the temptation to do this has looked different in every season. At the end of the day, if we are looking to anything or anyone but God to sustain us, we will not make it.

We weren’t built to endure this brokenness without the only One who can repair it. We don’t have the capacity to do this life on our own and nothing of this world is strong enough to endure the things that happen on its soil. Nothing temporary can endure what was only meant to be sustained by something eternal.

Our friends cannot sustain us. Our pastors are not here to sustain us. Our spouse is not created to sustain us. The keto/paleo/whole30 diet, job promotion, (insert your own thing here) will never withstand the heat of whatever the enemy intended for evil that God will use to refine us.

If it’s been a while since you trusted God to be everything you needed, take some time to do that. Say this, (out LOUD if possible): God, today I trust YOU to sustain me today. Forgive me for trying to make it without you. Teach me how to trust you to carry me. Show me where you already have. From this day forward, make it undeniable that YOU are my helper.

And if you’ve been faithful to do so but it’s still been hard, be encouraged: God is the one who sustains you. You aren’t done yet. You’re going to make it because the Lord is your helper. He’s got you.


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